In every company any business-process is related to information technology. Companies use the new development in the field of IT to achieve the defined goals.

BIT Consult provide services of development and organisation of IT and IS processes. Extensive experience of our specialists allows to implement an IT system in the companies with many branches. We provide the maximal level of information security during the implementation of IT systems.

The first stage of IT technology implementation is the provision of information security of company activity. The malfunction of IS system may cause huge risks due to wrong or insecure work of all company departments, financial loses, breaches in continuity of processes functioning or even the termination of business activity.

IS must be appropriately developed and organized to provide its smooth functioning even if business-processes change. Qualitative development of IT and IS allows to extend the spectrum of tasks, functions and services of a company. Our specialists do utmost possible to provide a proper functioning of a company and to make the investments bring income.

IS provision consists of IS policy and responsibility for IS maintenance. A company have to pay attention to personnel training, to perform briefings on IS maintenance. The management must be informed about the accidents of intrusion into corporate IS system.

BIT Consult specialists adopt the new developments in the field of IS for customer’s needs and perform a further automation of IT and IS processes if needed.