Planning of Data Center

Project documentation and specifications when creating a data center infrastructure


Designing of Data Center

Complex of engineering communications, server hardware, software


Construction and complectation of Data Center

Complectation and construction, testing of engineering systems and software




Creation of a data center by the experts of BIT Consult is carried out in several stages and in accordance with customer requirements.

The main requirements for data centers are reliability, high data transfer speed and the possibility for further development of an infrastructure.

BIT Consult specialists are ready to provide their services at all stages of the data center creation:

  • planning (designing a building for data center creation);
  • creation of the project (development of the technical part of the data center);
  • acquisition of necessary equipment and mounting the engineering systems;
  • testing, acception into service.

BIT Consult specialists are highly qualified and experienced for successful creation of a data center.