Audit of IT processes

Report on the current state of IT, planning, data collection, data analysis, recommendations


Audit of IS processes

An independent assessment of the current state of information security management system


Audit of IT infrastructure

Audit of the entire IT infrastructure and expertise of the existing system



Audit of IT processes and systems is an assessment of the current state of IT. The analysis reveals a list of the company’s needs in the field of IT. BIT Consult specialists perform the audit of all IT processes and systems of the enterprise.

BIT Consult specializes on performing of the audit in the following areas:

  • company infrastructure;
  • corporate and technical IT systems;
  • management of IT processes;
  • Information Security in the field of IT.

As the result of the audit of IT processes and systems BIT Consult provides a document that contains an assessment of the current state of enterprise IT-infrastructure as well as recommendations on improving the efficiency of business-processes.