During the preparation for distance learning BIT Consult performs the formation of training programs. Our experts provide information materials in accordance with the requirements of the company concerning design, content, reliability and correspondence of training materials to aims and objectives of the company.

Furthermore, BIT Consult specialists perform the development of test system for employees trained.

During the formation of training programs it is necessary to use the terminology adopted in the company. Employees who are trained, have to understand clearly what will be discussed in the lectures. Preparation of training materials should be carried out in accordance with the company’s business processes. All the items and details of the training plan should be prepared and filled in time (contacts for obtaining information, plan of events, telephone number, e-mail) indicating the manager responsible for the training and his contact information. All the information materials have to conform to company standards.

At the end of the course of training managers receive a detailed report on the implementation of a training plan for each employee who has passed the course.