Implementation of solutions for mobile devices


Today, leading analytical companies note a steady trend: the rapid development of mobile devices of the world’s leading manufacturers that pushes large companies to increase investment in the development of mobile applications of their management systems.

BIT Consult specialists have experience in developing various kinds of mobile applications for smartphones and tablets, as well as specialized mobile devices.

Mobile applications for process automation

The spectrum of these applications is very wide, for example, as a tool of merchandiser, sales specialist, customer (convenient and efficient tracking of the performance his requests), repairman, courier and much more. For example, a client can place an order via his mobile device.

Enterprise mobile applications

Are usually part of a corporate information system of the enterprise. In such applications, partially implemented the possibilities of corporate information systems that allows to run on a mobile device standard business activities, for example, accepting a request for the allocation of the budget, confirming the purchase order, and more. In these applications necessarily embedded tools of information security, that allow you to interact safely with the corporate system.

Analytical mobile applications

Designed for managers at various levels, which are provided in online mode by the necessary information on certain key performance indicators. BIT Consult developments allow us to construct a personal set of indicators for each user. Current corporate access rights are used to display the data that can optimize the performance and provide the necessary level of security.