Implementation of business applications


Implementation of business solutions from SAP®

BIT Consult specialists have gained extensive experience in implementing business solutions from SAP® to support integrated business processes in the enterprise, regardless of its size and activity. Working with SAP® business applications opens up a number of opportunities for innovation and use of the world’s best business practices.

SAP ERP is one of the world’s leading enterprise applications with more than 40 years of experience in 25 industries, SAP helps companies of all sizes efficiently manage their business. Whether it’s support services or board of directors, a warehouse or store, desktop or mobile applications — SAP solutions can improve the efficiency of interaction of individuals and organizations as a whole, form a deep understanding of the business and create competitive advantage. SAP solutions and services used by more than 263,000 customers (including the customers of SuccessFactors), advanced technology of the company guarantee high profitability, promote continuous adaptation and sustainable growth.

Financial Management and Centralized Treasury

Own study based on decisions SAP FM/TR allows you to increase the efficiency of planning and implementation of the budget, can be easily scaled from the level of small businesses to global enterprises.

Decision on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) from SAP — one of the best tools to attract customers and increase sales.SAP CRM qualitatively improves communication with customers by providing them the opportunity to buy your products in the most convenient way for them. This software works successfully in sales, marketing, customer service, e-commerce, social media, and other social and business areas.


Designed to automate, manage and control all the processes in the enterprise supply. SAP SCM provides a number of opportunities to meet the demand for products with a significant reduction of logistics costs and procurement. SCM covers the entire cycle of procurement of raw materials, production and distribution of goods. The solution includes a set of functional areas, based on modern technology platforms, including cloud, in-memory, intelligence and mobile platforms.

Solutions for SAP BI analytics

Make a reasoned business decision becomes a daunting task without the use of solutions of SAP BI. A wide range of tools and technology solutions from SAP provides easy access to the right information, the processing of large amounts of data, computing in memory, the use of data marts, when and where you need it. Solutions from SAP provide a much more analytical information about the activities of the company, allow to act quickly and confidently to achieve the strategic goals of the company. BIT Consult specialists have extensive experience in the construction of analytical solutions using a wide range of SAP BI tools.

SAP HCM solution

Integrates all business processes of personnel management in the company, can be easily integrated with existing enterprise business systems and can be configured to meet specific customer requirements. SAP HCM solution supports the activities of recruitment, distribution and development, motivation and retention of the most valuable human resources in the enterprise, providing the possibility of continuous improvement of these processes at all stages.

SAP HCM solution allows personnel management service at the enterprise cooperate more closely and effectively with the heads of other departments, to compare the strategic objectives of the enterprise with human resources, provides the possibility of real participation in achieving greater economic efficiency of the company. In addition, it helps developing and implementing an effective strategy for human resource management based on comprehensive analysis of all available information, monitoring the implementation process of it and make timely adjustments in the company’s development strategy.