Audit of project portfolio management


Project Portfolio Management is a versatile tool, which is used to achieve business goals by implementing projects included to the portfolio.

Often even a company using project management do not use all the capabilities of portfolio management. The reasons of many problems lie in the lack of a clear link between the processes in the ongoing projects and the company’s strategic objectives. Sometimes even the business strategy of the enterprise may no longer meet the requirements of the environment.

Audit of project management processes

The conduction of the audit of project management processes is needed to identify these and many other moments of inconsistency. During the audit of project management processes BIT Consult experts perform the following tasks:

  • identification of workable approaches of portfolio management, categorization of projects in the portfolio, resource analysis, analysis of the term and cost of the project portfolio, the primary analysis of portfolio risk;
  • the study of methods and tools of project portfolio management, identification and description of portfolios and sub-portfolios in the organization;
  • identifying gaps in project portfolio management processes and their relationship with the processes and programs of project management within the organization;
  • development of recommendations to improve the processes and methods of project portfolio management within the organization; presentation of audit results.