Audit of business processes


The starting point of making a decision on business transformation through the introduction of new management systems is the information about the real state of business processes or groups of processes in the company (purchasing, production, logistics, sales, cost accounting, etc.).

Audit of business processes

As the look from the outside, comparison of the current state of processes with the world best practices in the fields of study gives managers and business owners a complete view to make decisions and to choose the means and opportunities for business transformation.

BIT Consult specialists have over 10 years of experience in auditing business processes of medium and large enterprises in Ukraine and Russia.

The owners of a number of leading companies in Ukraine and Russia decided to start activities for business transformation in their enterprises based on the results of the audit of business processes conducted by BIT Consult specialists. Business transformation was carried out to improve the quality of current business processes, eliminate information gaps, replace or upgrade the current software systems, taking into account the state of current business processes and customer’s needs.

Audit of business processes provided by the experts of BIT Consult is not just a formal check of continuity of business processes, but also a number of measures aimed at improving management efficiency, achieving transparency in business, reducing costs and gaining competitive advantage.