The most significant projects with the participation of BIT Consult experts



MMK Companies Group

Development and modernization of IT strategy of the enterprise

Carried out a comprehensive audit of business processes and IT of the enterprise. Audit findings showed  to the leadership of the companies group an opportunity to redistribute the budget in more than 10  million $ on the development of IT services.

Completed works:

• development and organizing a projects portfolio of information security;

• organization of project and portfolio management in accordance with the best practices of PMI.

• in record time — 3 months – creation of project management office and launching a pilot integrated  portfolio of 9 projects for key IT areas of the group.



USEPC Ukrposhta

National postal operator

Implementation of the program of projects for development of IT and communications strategies for the

enterprise as a whole (31 branches, 152 post offices, postal service center).

The volume of the program — 24 projects.

Completed works:

• within two months was developed the strategy of the IT improvement and was performed the first  stage of its realization;

• on the own tailored methodology of phased launching and replication, within 2 months have been  created and implemented the financial planning process and the centralized treasury (2600 users) based  on SAP ERP;

• developed and implemented a system of distance learning for 6,000 users;

• developed and implemented a transition to a centralized IT-infrastructure of the enterprise with one  data center (3400 users);

• unified a single information space at the level of centralized services for key business units (31  branches with 3,400 employees);

• implemented background and tools for centralization of other services. Thanks to the optimal strategy was achieved an unprecedented effect — the payback period was 6  months!



PJSC Ukrtransgaz

Enterprise of gas transportation and storage

Development and implementation of IT and communications improvement strategy for the entire

company, which consists of 6 production and 10 service branches.

The volume of the program — 56 projects.

Completed works:

• within 2 months was developed a strategy for the IT improvement and was successfully implemented fully within one year;

• was realized a fully functional implementation project of SAP (11 functional areas) across the enterprise (5600 users), using its own methodology of phased launch;

• within 7 months (ahead of schedule for 6 months), SAP system was launched into industrial operation at 17 branches and 111 production sites;

• was applied a number of innovative solutions (SAP Forum Award 2012 — the most innovative methodology);

SAP implementation project by a combination of 3 factors (implementation time + geographic coverage + functional volume) has no analogues in the world;

• at SAP Quality Award of 2013 year the project received the silver prize among the large projects in the CIS region;

SAP has integrated elements of the methodology in the updated methodology of flexible implementation of projects ASAP Agile;

• within 6 months was implemented manufacturing execution system (MES), which was integrated with the SAP system;

• within 2 months was developed and launched the system of distance learning and simulation integrated with SAP ERP for 6,000 employees;

• within 5 months was realized the transition to a centralized IT-infrastructure with primary and backup data center;

• was created a centralized, service oriented IT and communications architecture for the entire company on the basis of a specialized service branch (more than 7000 users of services).



LLC Metinvest

Mining enterprises. Mining division

Development and implementation of a comprehensive strategy for the improvement of IT for 7 mining enterprises of the group.

The volume of the program — 32 projects.

Completed works:

• within 1 year was implemented a new strategy for the development of IT in the mining division (7  companies).

• within 12 months was implemented SAP ERP system on 5 enterprises (3560 users) with the  development and application of the replication concept of ERP systems, resulting in:

  • only in 2008 was launched a comprehensive solution for 5 mining divisions assets;
  • project on “InGOK” was implemented for 7 months, with the repair control unit and planning of  material needs;

• was built centralized IT-infrastructure of the division with a single data center • was centralized IT management and information space at the level of the division. • the number of IT staff was optimized by 30%.



Northern and Central GOK (mining plant)

Development and implementation of IT strategy at two mining enterprises.

The volume of the program — 42 projects.

Completed work:

• development and implementation of the IT improvement strategy;

• implementation of SAP project for 9 months on two mining enterprises (12 functional modules, 2200  users). With the adaptation and application of the concept of ERP systems at CGOK and SevGOK (Northern and Central mining plants):

  • optimal timing of implementation;
  • a full-scale project on functional volume;
  • the project is recognized as the best in the world, that uses the solution SAP for Mining;
  • at the end of the project was received a certificate of SAP Competence Center, which made it possible to implement systems at other companies of the group

Within 4 months was deployed a unified IT-infrastructure at two enterprises and was developed a  business concept of division-creating enterprise.

In addition to these projects, by the experts that now form the core of BIT Consult were implemented  over 80 highly specialized projects on implementation of ERP or CRM systems in enterprises, building or  upgrading the data centers and infrastructure projects, development of specialized applications, user  educating, analyzing and auditing of business processes and IT-systems.